The Godfather

The Godfather
Game: The Godfather
Platform: Xbox 360
Studio: EA
Rating: 9/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the Corleone family. After a life of small-time jobs and petty theft you’ve been accepted into America’s most famous criminal organization. Now it’s up to you to carry out orders, earn respect, rise through the ranks, and make New York City your own. Play your cards right and you could even run everything as the next, and most powerful, Don.

A classic story about family, respect, and loyalty, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather and the Paramount Pictures film based on that novel serve as the game’s inspiration. The Godfather™ The Game puts you at the center of the action in one of history’s most revered cinematic masterpieces, allowing you to choose your path as you rise from lowly outsider to envied and feared Don in a living world 1945-1955 New York.

With major additions and enhancements to the non-linear action-adventure gameplay, The Godfather The Game for Xbox 360 offers countless choices for solving the family’s problems with brutal violence, skillful diplomacy, or a cunning mix of both. From mob hits to bank heists and extortion, step deep inside the world of The Godfather The Game, where intimidation and negotiation are your tickets to the top. Use your powers of loyalty and fear to earn respect through interactions with police, businessmen, racket bosses, other mobsters, and more. The decisions you make have lasting consequences, just as they do in the legendary mob underworld of The Godfather books and films.

The Godfather film featured many of Holly-wood’s finest actors and several are contributing to the game’s development. Actors lending their voices to add a dramatic and cinematic touch to the game include the late Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, James Caan as Sonny Corleone, and Robert Duvall as consigliore Tom Hagen.

Key Features

* The World of The Godfather: Experience a decade of the mafia in a living world New York City from 1945-55 with Xbox 360-exclusive enhancements to racket truck heists, extortions, targeting, living world gameplay, and much more.
* New Features for Xbox 360: The Godfather The Game on Xbox 360 features all-new missions and contract hits, a new family compound, new venues, and more interaction with key characters.
* Classic Film Moments: Take on film-based and original missions as you interact with classic characters and experience unforgettable moments from the film.
* Put Yourself in The Godfather: Create your own mobster and get a piece of the action by putting yourself in a living, open-world New York City.
* Respect and Consequences: Your choices affect how the action plays out, so make sure you use your power wisely in order to rise to the top.
* Persistent World: Interact freely with an assortment of characters. The characters remember your interactions-whether you were diplomatic, accommodating, or brutal-and will respond appropriately when you meet again.
* Control New York: Your bid to take control of the Corleone Family and make New York City your own will be challenged by the other four families from the fiction: Tattaglia, Cuneo, Barzini, and Stracci.
* The Power of Intimidation: Wield more power than ever before with an enhanced BlackHand Control combat system for Xbox 360-punch, kick, grab, and even choke someone with a stranglehold.
* Authentic to the Fiction: Mark Winegardner, author of the novel The Godfather Returns, provides story editing and consultation.

PLAY: EA did an impressive job adapting the original movie The Godfather into a video game. It was a smart choice to make the game based on a fringe character that wasn’t in the movie. The story would have already been sorted out and set if you were to play as Michael. You’d already know what was going to happen next if you were a fan of the film. Instead you get to create your own mobster who is inserted in a storyline as an enforcer for the Corleone family.

Part of your job as an enforcer is to collect on debts—mostly from store owners. This is how you earn your leaving and increase your respect within the family. You can also start your own business on the side helping out store owners who need some enforcing of their own. Mixed into this is The Godfather storyline where you are put into the bits and pieces of the original film; the Don goes to the hospital and the head of a horse in the bed of a director in Hollywood.

The Godfather takes to the streets of New York with a gameplay similar to GTA. The freedom of moving at will, anywhere at anytime, is one of the better elements of The Godfather. When you commit crimes you have to avoid the police—like in GTA—you can steal cars and run people down in the streets. The difference with The Godfather is that you can bribe the police. Once you have them on your side they will look the other way and help should you run into trouble with other mob families. The gun battles are better than in GTA. It’s easy to lock onto a target and blast them. But it seems even easier to get killed. On the plus side, you can wake up in the hospital and live to kill another day.

GRAPHICS: The city of New York is fantastic. Anyone that has been in the city will be able to find familiar areas—rendered in amazing detail. Even the inside of the buildings are fantastic. The detail of the shops really makes The Godfather story come alive. The Godfather looks great in HD. There are some issues with frame rates and rendering of the buildings when at a high rate of speed.

SOUND: The voice acting is the main feature. The voice actors do a very good job of imitating the original actors. The music is straight from the original The Godfather.

FRANKLY: The Godfather on the Xbox 360 is a great adaptation of the original film. It was a lofty goal to try and take on the greatest movie of all time and EA did an admirable job. Like Grand Theft Auto, The Godfather is a vast game with lots of bonuses to unlock and tons of side missions. This could take days to go through if you were playing non-stop!

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