Gungriffon Blaze

Gungriffon Blaze
Game: Gungriffon Blaze
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Game Arts
Rating: 8.5/10

GunGriffon Blaze kicks ass.

GGB has some average landscapes, but the robots and vehicles are pretty cool. The 3D used is impressive and I just loved looking at all the pretty things I could destroy.

The movement is really accurate, and it only gets better from there. Everything that is important to a game, such as fighting and blasting off rounds and going where you anticipate, is just what you get from this game.

I had on my headphones while playing and it was a pretty real experience. Well, at least as real as I could imagine. This adds so much atmosphere to the game, it proves why you never forget to push the aural limits.

Just like most games in the action genre, GGB doesn’t have a lot of replay value. The game lasts long enough to enjoy, but instead of taking a second shot at it, you’ll just move on to the next cool game.

+ bboy

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