Flag To Flag

Flag To Flag
Game: Flag To Flag
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Sega
Rating: 5/10

CART racing is exciting, beginning to end. There are many tracks to choose from, Miami, Detroit, and Toronto to name a few, not to mention the plethora of cars that have drivers ready for the road, all rank and file. Just become a member of the Fittapaldi, Vasser, Rahal, Tracy, or Andretti Teams.

I love the different vantage points from which you can view the track. You can drive from behind the wheel or have a look from behind the car. The graphics are nearly perfect, from the chassis to the track and surroundings. If you hit the grass, you get debris on your shield and have to wipe it off with your hand. The problem is that hitting a wall or another car doesn’t always produce the sort of damage you’d expect. The other obvious problem is with hitting the grass; you don’t slide or lose control, but come to a complete stop. Pitting is amazing and the graphics are stellar.

I used the Dreamcast control pad and not the steering wheel contraption, so maybe the handling wasn’t as good for me, but it still made for a lot of fun. The steering was occasionally shaky, but what do you expect when you are going in excess of 200 miles an hour? I’m the kind of person who accelerates non-stop and taps the brakes when a corner comes up. That may have a lot to do with my crashing into the wall a little too often, but that is my problem. The sound is like the real deal. The screeching brakes and hum of the motor is pretty impressive.

Although I prefer racing through the streets of a city or down a country road, this game is still exciting. I don’t know about how long you’ll find it fun, but I found myself stopping after a game or two until the next day. It just didn’t draw enough interest to play for hours.

+ bboy

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