Freaky Flyers

Freaky Flyers
Game: Freaky Flyers
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Midway
Rating: 7/10

Game Company’s Description: Never before has such a vibrant and interactive animated world been delivered to a flying videogame until Freaky Flyers, the first and only, fast and furious, fully-open 3-D airplane racing adventure, which drops you into the cockpits with the most unique and engaging cast of characters to ever explore, adventure and dogfight in the videogame skies.
Visit 9 Exciting Locales
Exotic Danger Island – Lush jungles and lagoons teem with all manner of peril, from pirates to pilots.
Haunted Transylvania – Explore craggy peeks and haunted castles in this dark and foreboding destination.
Roaring Chicago – Whether you’re a Mob Boss or the Mayor, you’re sure to find a swinging time in the big city.
Travel with more than a dozen unique and alluring characters
Johnny Turbine – True-blue American hero
Traci Torpedoes – The pinnacle of German discipline
Cactus Rose – Spicy bandita from south of the border
Island Jack – The mellow ambassador of tropical paradise
Look: Very good looking 3D characters. The characters are very unique and odd, which adds a good deal of enjoyment. The tracks and environment are wacky and something different than the norm. The levels are very detailed

Feel: Each character affects the way your game is played. The course will have different strategies depending on the character you play. The levels offering interaction with hidden mini-games which unlock extras. If you complete everything you will get a story behind your character. You can race, go head-to-head and dog fight.

Hear: The characters are interesting. The music is ok, and the announcer is fun as he sounds like some game show host.

Frankly: A fun game that has completely flown under the radar.

+ Rick Carey

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