Game: Title
Platform: Nintendo DS
Studio: Konami
Rating: 6/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Frogger, one of the most beloved video game characters of all time, returns! In this latest escapade, Frogger finds himself called upon to stop an evil force that threatens his home, Firefly Swamp, and the nearby kingdom of Bunnington Hollow. To stop the insidious Dr. Wani and his destructive mining efforts, Frogger must use all of his hopping and dodging skills, along with many new talents, to infiltrate the masterminds lair and bring his evil plans crashing down.
* Unlock new playable characters and original arcade game
* Over than 30 levels of play to challenge players of all levels
* Wide range of moves including wall climbing, tongue grabs and more
* Up to 4-player wireless multiplayer action with a single game cartridge

PLAY: Frogger has slowly evolved from the Frog who tried to avoid traffic into his current part as a frog that needs to save his friends. The story is weak. Thankfully it’s not important to the gameplay. There is a mini-game of the original with 3D graphics—what a plus.

Gameplay itself is very elementary. You go in one of four directions one step at a time—very similar to the original. You can use your tongue to grab a vine to swing to other areas. Nothing about Frogger: Helmet Chaos is complex. Coins were added in an attempt to give the game more depth with unlockables.

GRAPHICS: This Frogger version is in 3D like the console versions. The environments are nicely done and work perfect with the content.

SOUND: The voice acting is nicely done although it often gets out of sync which ruins the moment.

FRANKLY: The original Frogger had nothing to do with a story and gamers played it endlessly. Frogger Helmet Chaos won’t be played endless by the older folks but the kids just might find this irresistible.

+ Richie Wright

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