Furious Karating

Furious Karating
Game: Furious Karating
Platform: Xbox
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 5/10

Game Company’s Description: Furious Karting brings all the adrenaline and excitement of the popular sport to the XBOX For the first time ever. Speed though a wide variety of fast and furious tracks as you compete for supremacy against a collection of extreme opponents. Take the challenge in single player quick race and story modes or compete against your friends in 4 player split screen multi-mode. Hang on to your seat and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Look: This is the Xbox right? You couldn’t tell by looking at this game. The levels aren’t much to look at. There is a cartoon feel, but its just not interesting to look at.

Feel: It isn’t rocket science playing Furious Karting. We could talk about teams, we could talk about some moves like how you can pull of some odd tricks, but its really not worth it. There are just oddball things like a chicken that slows you down if you smash into it and a spring that makes you flip. It’s just plain stupid. It’s there for a laugh, except it never does.

Hear: Weak soundtrack. Weak voice acting. Weak, weak, weak.
As far as the quality of the game’s music goes, well, I really hope you’ve ripped some CD’s to your hard drive. You’re going to need them.

Frankly: Honestly? This game is no fun. Kart racing just isn’t all that great. Mario Kart had aspects, but I’m not even sure why studios continue to put these out when race games always outshine these. If it’s for kids then just have a look at Hot Wheels that pulled off both.

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