James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing

James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing
Game: James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing
Platform: Xbox
Studio: EA
Rating: 9/10

Game Company’s Description: What would James Bond do? That is the question you will answer in every dramatic moment of James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. The world’s greatest secret agent returns in his fifth interactive adventure from EA Games, and the action has never been more intense. Think like Bond as never before, using espionage, tactical skills, and Q-Lab gadgets to analyze every situation. Act like Bond, using your stylish physical skills, clever disguises, and bold personality to once again save the world. With every Bond moment played out before you in an all-new, third-person cinematic perspective, this action-packed adventure could only come from the world of James Bond. What would Bond do? What will you do?

Look: The faces are scanned and brilliant. The characters are very lifelike and the models move, as you and I do, not some cardboard creation.

Feel: Great storyline that keeps you interested. Most of the game is a shooter. There is a well- designed lock button to hit your targets-whereas most shooters that involve the PS2 controller leave much to be desired, however Bond seems to have an almost impossibly good aim.

When you aren’t shooting you can resort to street fighting. Nothing is more exciting than sneaking up on some bad guy and breaking him down. Even more fun is driving. It’s all done well and as cool as any Bond film.

Hear: Pierce Brosnan lends his voice-which adds a sense of authenticity. Other cast members also lend their voices.

Frankly: It’ll take a day of hardcore gaming to finish this game, or weeks if you only have an hour a day. With a great multiplayer mode you can put together a team, which adds another depth to Everything Or Nothing. This is the best Bond game ever!

+ Ralphie Wright

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