Game: Dropship
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: BAM!
Rating: 8/10

Look: The graphics are quite good. It has some basic figures and raw textures, but overall they do a damn good job. The replays are fantastic.

Feel: You don’t just fly dropships, but you get behind the stick of a jet and behind the wheel of some mean vehicles.

There is a very good tutorial, or training mission as they call it. It helps you figure out the way to handle your dropship. A big plus.

The game is hard. That is good because you won’t finish it in a few hours. And its intense.

Hear: Good sound from the radio chatter to all the noise you’d expect to hear in a war situation.

Finally: I’m not sure many people have bought this game, but its by far the best flight sim game out for the PS2, but better yet you have something invested. Saving the world!

+ bboy

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