Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives
Game: Desperate Housewives
Platform: PC
Studio: Buena Vista
Rating: 5/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: In Desperate Housewives: The Game, you’ll live out the lifestyle you’ve seen & loved on the hit ABC show. You’re a new housewife on Wisteria Lane, and as you explore your new neighbrohood you’ll discover all-new stories and secrets. The storyline is divided into episodes, each with new points and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Get the truth behind some delicious scandals — and reveal some shocking secrets of your own. Mini-activities include cooking, gardening, and Texas Hold’em poker with the other wives Features original script from Desperate Housewives writer Scott Sanford Tobis Brenda Strong reprises her role as narrator Mary Alice Young.

* Interact with characters from the show – Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, Susan, Edie and more
* Solve mysteries – sneak through homes, flirt, entertain, charm, and spy your way to the truth
* Gossip with your favorite characters from Wisteria Lane
* Customize your appearance, decorate your house, shop for clothing and more
* Uncover secrets while still running your household – Looking after your family, home and garden

PLAY: You are to be a desperate housewife who just moved to the neighborhood. Desperate Housewives wants desperately to be the Sims with the drama of the television show. Like the Sims, you get to make your own character and create your own family.

The game finds you working around the house and maintaining your family budget. Doesn’t that sound like fun? It sounds like being grounded when you were a kid right? Well Desperate Housewives is a lot like being grounded. Especially when you start to redecorate, go shopping, and make dinner. This might be fun for Martha Stewart but not for a regular game playing guy.

The other housewives from the show are here and you make friends with them. You can become just like them by gossiping and keeping secrets, but you can decide whether you want to lie or be truthful. You even start to wonder if your husband is a louse. And if you choose that path you have to start spying on him. Is this a mystery or Sims? You don’t have much choice because your character has to follow a plot line. It’s all too inane.

GRAPHICS: If you’ve played the Sims then you know what Desperate Housewives looks like—simple models with minimal animation.

SOUND: None of the actress lend their voices to the game. The voice acting is bad and the script is even worse.

FRANKLY: It’s sexy, dirty, plotting, conniving, and ultimately not very interesting.

+ Richie Wright

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