Game: Deathrow
Platform: Xbox
Studio: UbiSoft
Rating: 7/10

Game Studio Synopsis: Deathrow pits two teams in a no-limits, no-honor, total-aggression arena battle – where only the hardest fists, the meanest moves, and the deadliest throws will get you victory. This could get ugly. Fast. Can you take the punishment?

Look: The Xbox gives designers a great platform for designing beautiful games and Deathrow showcases that. This is one of the top games I’ve seen to date on the Xbox.

Feel: There is a crazy pace to this yet it still feels solid. The camera occasionally seems to get lost. Nothing is worse than getting blindsided. The controls are effortless and make for a great deal of fun was you punch, kick, dive, and more.

Hear: The voice acting is decent. The soundtrack isn’t my cup of tea and the swearing seems overdone. If you have kids you might want to steer them clear of this.

Finally: You’ll love this or hate it. Deathrow is a fun game however you might want to rent it to see whether it fits your tastes as it doesn’t seem to be as fun for everyone.

+ rick carey

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