Deep Fighter

Deep Fighter
Game: Deep Fighter
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: UbiSoft
Rating: 8.5/10

Deep Fighter plays like a film, an interesting story that sucks you in until you complete your own ending.

Look: Whoa. I’m surprised the game looks so cool. The water and underwater creatures look great. This game has all sorts of wild things a few thousand leagues under the sea, like big jellyfish and subs. Even the plain geography is nice to look at.

Feel: The ship is a dream to man. It’s probably easier to maneuver than a real boat. With the addition of tons of cool weapons and lots of things to shoot, the game is a class act. I guess because I have little to say about how the game feels, it’s a good thing.

Hear: The music you ride along to is great. However, the voices leave a lot to be desired. They are just lame. Hit mute when the characters start to open their traps.

Finally: Deep Fighter is fun. Period. That is what a good game should be. You’ll get tons of entertainment out of this. There is something to be said about the many cool things you get here.

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