Cabela’s Alaskan Adventure

Cabela's Alaskan Adventure
Game: Cabela’s Alaskan Adventure
Platform: Xbox 360
Studio: Activision
Rating: 2/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures is the ultimate hunting and fishing adventure to North America’s last frontier. Experience all that Alaska has to offer, as you go on 38 hunting and fishing adventures across vast tundra. For the first time in one game, you will be able to hunt trophy animals, fish, bird hunt, dog sled through the Alaskan Artic, and compete in various outdoor-themed contests. It will take every ounce of skill and strategy to hunt or catch that record-breaking trophy. It’s as true-to-life as it gets! Go exploring or get to your next hunting spot in a snowmobile, truck or ATV All new shooting features and controls including Hunter’s Sense, Gun Sway and Drop Dot Incredibly realistic terrain including vast tundra, dense forests, river deltas, rocky slopes and more.

PLAY: Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures starts off teaching you how to hunt on your Alaskan Adventure. Your task is to work your way to the outpost where you can buy gear and hunting tags.

Cabela’s doesn’t suffer from lack of concept—the problem is the lack of execution. As a hunter you have to wonder if they are all overweight, out-of-shape old guys because they can’t seem to walk any sort of distance without needing to stop and rest. Once the stamina bar lowers you start to run out of breath and the game comes to a complete halt.

Another bizarre aspect of Cabela’s is the style of hunting. Usually, when someone hunts they try to be completely silent otherwise the animal will turn tail and run. Yet in Alaskan Adventures, if you make noise the animal seems to become enraged and is ready to attack. Getting attacked wouldn’t be nearly as bad if you didn’t run out of breath so quickly. It might be fun to climb a tree and figure out how you are going to get down.

Another odd aspect of Alaskan Adventures is using GPS to find out where the animals are located. It might make sense when fishing and using a range finder—but a GPS? There are many different types of animals to hunt from beer to deer to squirrel and more. You can also hunt on dog sled. It sounds better than it is.

GRAPHICS: The load times are unbearable and the framerates are unforgivable. The graphics look bad and seems to have been built for the Xbox and only boxed to work on the 360. Alaskan Adventures is at the bottom of the barrel for Xbox 360 releases.

SOUND: One sound is your heavy breathing. There are minimal sounds in the woods. You might hear a bird or two and the animals you hunt make almost no noise.

FRANKLY: Gun had its issues with hunting—but Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures makes Gun look like the greatest hunting game of all time. Alaskan Adventures is a poor excuse for both an Xbox 360 and hunting game. It’s a shame that Cabela’s has found it impossible to figure out a good hunting adventure. Maybe some of the game designers should actually go out and hunt before working on a hunting game.

+ Richie Wright






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