Colin McRae Rally 3

Colin McRae Rally 3
Game: Colin McRae Rally 3
Platform: Xbox
Studio: Codemasters
Rating: 8/10

Game Company’s Description: One of the most-wanted next generation video games revs its engines as Codemasters confirms the development of an all-new Colin McRae Rally title. Colin McRae Rally will launch 2002 and comes with an unbeatable heritage: promising an unbelievably personal experience, rallying will never have seemed so real.

Look: The levels are fantastic. From the highways to the countrysides you’ll wish you were there. The framerate zips along and keeps the pace high, perfect for a racing game.

The cars are designed well. You see the damage as it happens. Smash into a tree and you’ll see your hood bend up and even get a glimpse at your engine. The details are a wonderful touch. The roadways and scenery are fantastic, and don’t miss the amazing water effects.

Feel: There are two play modes. First is Stages where you get to practice and race against the clock. Championship mode is where you start a season and must learn the tricks of the trade as the game gets more difficult as you rise in the rankings.

The controller is simple enough and resembles just about every racing game you have played. That is a good thing. The cameras come with in different modes; in cab, hood, and third person. You can adjust your care for performance or handling and a lot more.

There are eight countries and a total of fifty-six stages. Most tracks run up to five minutes so you do get best bang for your buck. The tracks range from paved roads to gravel and can be dry, rain and snow covered.

The biggest plus is your Co-driver who keeps pace-notes. You must listen and learn to your Co-driver. If you don’t you might miss something important. Be prepared.

Hear: Good voice acting. The car sounds cool from the engine to the smashes. The music is often more of a distraction.

Frankly: Colin McRae Rally 3 is a fun racing sim. Give it some time, practice and you will discover that CMR3 is a exciting and a grand challenge.

+ rick carey

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