Colin McRae Rally 3

Colin McRae Rally 3
Game: Colin McRae Rally 3
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Codemasters
Rating: 8.5/10

Game Company’s Description: One of the most-wanted next generation video games revs its engines as Codemasters confirms the development of an all-new Colin McRae Rally title. Colin McRae Rally will launch 2002 and comes with an unbeatable heritage: promising an unbelievably personal experience, rallying will never have seemed so real.
Look: Wow. The car models are wonderfully detailed. Gamers are anal about details and CMR 3 gives it good. It still isn’t quite as fine as on the Xbox. The dust and dirt particles are there, just not as clear. I enjoyed the window wipers removing rain and snow. The reflection and lighting is fantastic. This is what a gamer lives for.

The funnest detail is watching your co-pilot hanging on as you bounce him around the car. Who ever came up with this is genius. That is going above and beyond the duty of design.

There is a good level of damage and when your car takes a hit you see the damage in real time. Your window will crack and blow out. You can lose an engine or muffler.

Feel: The framerate is solid and moves along at a constant FPS.

There is a lot of detail in the handling of the cars. There is a major degree of workmanship added to the tires and handling. Depending upon where you are racing there are varying degrees of handling. Each car handles differently and that adds levels to CMR 3 and how long you may decide to play.

You can add things to your car that can make or break you in a race. Add a gearbox, change the brakes or tires even mess with the suspension or steering. It’s amazing the amount of tinkering that can be done. There is a cool option called Telemetry that lets you try the track out and tells you what options would best suit your car. It’s great because you have a good idea of the best setup and you aren’t just winging it.

Hear: You won’t miss the fact that there isn’t any music. Instead you get to hear your car smashing into things, if you can’t drive, and all sorts of sounds of the road.

Frankly: Racing is fun. CMR 3 is a blast. You’ll have days and weeks of fun.

+ rick carey

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