Comanche 4

Comanche 4
Game: Comanche 4
Platform: PC
Studio: Novalogic
Rating: 7/10

Is Comanche 4 just another sequel or so good it deserves a name all its own?

Look: Depending on your video card this game glistens. The details are constantly amazing. Every time you play you’ll be amazed by the design and can only admire them. A lot of time was put into this game and it shows; from the landscape to the plumes of smoke that rise from the destruction. Simply amazing.

Feel: You can get away with the simplest of tools like the old keyboard and mouse. It’s always my starting point and this game didn’t disappoint. I’ve never flown a helicopter, but the controls are different from flying a plane. You’ve got a few perspectives to choose from, great angles, and the feeling of power is a huge plus.

Hear: The sound effects aren’t exactly on par with the rest of the game, but what are we seeking for, perfection?

Frankly: You can set out on single or multiplayer missions. I found the single play fun. There are a good amount of missions to keep you busy. The best add-on is the ability to expand. You’ve got to love that.

+ rj lark

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