Civilization III

Civilization III
Game: Civilization III
Platform: PC
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 9.5/10

You played Civ and Civ II, but Civilization III is yet another step ahead in this absolute addiction. Civ III is about building a civilization from scratch in 4000 BC. You have a number of world leaders to choose from, I was partial to Caesar (Rome) and Alexander The Great (Greece). But if you like Honest Abe or maybe Cleopatra, you can take your shot at them too.

Look: The game is pretty much the same. There isn’t anything gorgeous to look at, but why would you need it? This is a role-play game and it plays like one. The imagination is the most important piece of the puzzle and they leave a lot to it.

Feel: It took a few games before I had a handle on what in the world I was doing. The manual helps if you have the time to read it. From building warriors to workers to cities, there is so much to do and so many advances to make that you’ll start to wonder if four thousand years is enough. Game would have got a ten out of ten if it weren’t for how slow the game starts to get as the game goes on. It gets quite annoying when a year in the game starts to feel like a year in real life. Occasionally I would get up and make lunch, take a shower or who knows what waiting for the game to go through all the other country’s moves.

Hear: Here is the curve. There is nothing to say about the sounds. A few grunts from the fights and birds chirping alongside some pretty bland documentary-like soundtracks won’t give this any musical nominations. But then again, who is listening? Most of the time I turn down the master volume and listen to my own music.

Finally: Who needs candy when you have Civilization III? I’ve had the game for a week and, honestly, I’ve awakened and played, ate and played, slept and dreamt I was playing. I would dream about strategies, or if I should have invaded Egypt. Then at the store I wondered, at the movies I pondered, on the way home I weighed all my options. Addict? Indeed.

+ bboy

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