Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi
Game: Crazy Taxi
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Sega
Rating: 8/10

Ever driven a cab? Even if you have, this game will not be anything like you’ve ever experienced in your four-wheeled office. I’m sure none of us has ever done a power slide around a street corner, only to swing the car around, slam on the brakes, and pick up a willing passenger.

In Crazy Taxi, everyone is in a hurry and you have to be ahead of the rush. Through streets full of hills, cars, pedestrians, and other uncertainties, you must almost fly to keep your customers happy. You’ll find yourself flying blindly over hills, landing on top of cars, or smashing into them head on. Either way, don’t worry; these cabs are indestructible.

I had to invite many friends and co-workers in to see this manic game. What could be more fun than driving through the mall while pedestrians scream as they dive out of the way? Perhaps you’d like to drive down the beach, maybe pick up some passengers underwater while some big killer whale swims overhead. It’s bizarre, but hey, it’s only a harmlessly silly and completely fun video game.

The best thing about the game is how you can gear up for the heart-thumping coarse. There are test runs that teach you how to do many moves that will help you excel once it’s for real.

Crazy Taxi has some lasting appeal. Additional cities would increase the appeal; it certainly wouldn’t take anything away. Your real need may be to just get a Class A license, but the only thing you’ll lose playing this game is your ego.

+ bboy

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