Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Game: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Ubisoft
Rating: 5/10

Game Company’s Description: Become a Martial Arts Master with the only video game to incorporate the award-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon license including characters, storyline and locations. Enter the acrobatic world of martial arts combat as you travel through treacherous 19th Century China in a quest to obtain the fabled 400-year-old Green Destiny Sword. Developed by Genki Co., Ltd., Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon provides players with the ability to transcend space, gravity and the limitations of the body – to master similar martial arts magic that was seen in the movie. In a convergence of combat and adventure elements, players can represent one of 3 fighters (Li Mu Bai, Jen, Shu Lien) in a series of battles to seek revenge against the sinister Jade Fox. Each of the game’s warriors is armed with different deadly weapons -including the famed Green Destiny Sword – and an assortment of special moves. Each is brought to life with fluid animation that results in incredibly lifelike and realistic duels. ACADEMY AWARD WINNING LICENSE – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the video game is based on the same story, characters, and locations from the critically acclaimed movie.

Look: Very bad camera angles hurt the game beyond compare. There are angles where you can’t see anything that is going on and you can’t even be sure whether to jump or what to do next. And if the angles aren’t enough to drive you crazy wait until you see the graphics.

Feel: The controls are limited and take away too much to make the game enjoyable. The characters have no fluidity. Much of the game is about fighting with hands and feet or with your sword. Why the top buttons are used for jumping is mind-boggling. I still can’t figure out who thought the controller set up was a good one. The game gets so repetitive so fast that you start to wonder why you are even playing.

Hear: Do you even care at this point? There are subtitles and some decent sound effects. The rest just seems to be a waste of time.

Frankly: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the film was amazing. Its video game counterpart is the polar opposite. You do get a few alternative endings but that isn’t reward enough to bore yourself twice or three times to see the other endings.

+ Rick Carey

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