Battle Realms

Battle Realms
Game: Battle Realms
Platform: PC
Studio: Crave
Rating: 8.5/10

Battle Realms is a strategy game that takes it to the smallest common denominator all the way to the largest. What’s more important; rice or nukes?

Look: First and foremost the animations are perhaps the most engaging part of Battle Realms. From the work of peasants to the training of your warriors, these animations may only be small in the big scheme of things yet they are literally the most fun aspect.

Feel: There is good to go with the bad. I can’t quite figure out what is going on with birth rates. When my population was low it seemed like they were popping out babies, yet when the population grew to perhaps a hundred times the original birth rates dropped lower than previous. It’s not accurate and annoying. Even more annoying is the confusion of battle units. As technology advances you can’t upgrade your units. Ever heard of retraining? Not Battle Realms. That is extremely frustrating. There are some other problems with the battles. You’d think the game would have true strategies, like sending a few troops upfront and then hide and converge around the other units rear. Instead they just charge into a giant ball of battle and shoot for total destruction.

The good is the fact that the destruction is quite fun. It’s also a lot of fun to raise a mini civilization from a few peasants to giant army. Although I seemed to have complained more than spoke on the good, there is much more good here.

Hear: Great voice-overs, wonderful flavorful sounds, and the sound of pure destruction is never a bad thing.

Frankly: Even with the bad, the good certainly outweigh them. The bad just happened to become more frustrating and mentioned, but don’t be lead astray because this game is seriously one grand illusion of war and battle.

+ rj lark

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