Trinket – Trinket

Artist: Trinket
Title: Trinket
Label: RCA
Rating: 4/10

In the course of listening to Trinket’s self-titled album, I was repeatedly struck by an overwhelming sense of deja vu. Track after track sounded like something I was sure I had heard before, but as I listened again and again, I realized that these songs just sound like all of the other popular music in circulation today. That is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are the kind of person who is perfectly content with just scanning the radio, then Trinket is the type of band you might like. They are a bunch of pretty boys playing generic pop. There are lots of loud, macho guitars and drums, but these guys wear more make-up than most hookers.

One of the big songs of this album would be the catchy and fun “Unbehaved.” It’s a decent song, but most of the others sound a lot like it. This album gets boring after four or five songs. “Pure”, “Deceiver”, and “A Million Years” are the only exceptions. “A Million Years” is solid from beginning to end, while “Pure” starts to get old halfway through. “Deceiver” also starts out with a different and more interesting beat, but by the end of the song it cycles back to the rut all of the other songs fall into.

The lyrics are not stunning and they are not horrible either. With their rather simplistic and bland verses, Trinket is right in the middle, and that pretty much goes for the entire album. Trinket is very much an average band.

+ tricia crafts

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