Tsar – Tsar

Artist: Tsar
Title: Tsar
Label: Hollywood
Rating: 5/10

Um, how on earth are you going to name a song “Calling All Destroyers”, make it sound like T-Rex, and do your own version of it? Now that is lame, almost sacrilegious. I just hope Tsar goes to their knees, pleading when the music gods come calling. Their sound may get over on the kiddies, but I’m no idiot. I see exactly what these cats are up to. Perhaps Jeff Whalen thinks he’s Marc Bolan, but can anyone ever hope to be so cool? Then again, there are people who were teens in the ’70’s and have no idea who T-Rex is, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that someone is ripping them off.

“Silver Shifter” has a sparkling glam lacquer that will make you pause, that is until you hear the shamefully annoying “Kathy Fong Is The Bomb”. “The Teen Wizards” is more like a dream of being someone. However, it’s nothing but a painful reminder of what we lost when the ’70’s passed on Bowie. I have the feeling Spacehog would have done this song better.

Tsar knows how to dream, but they just can’t seem to get anything original out of it. I have a feeling that once these guys find their stride they’ll really be something to listen to.

+ rae gun

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