Travis – Singles

Artist: Travis
Title: Singles
Label: Epic
Rating: 7/10

CORPORATE LINE: The ‘Singles’ album and DVD video are out now! The CD Album features all of Travis’ singles to date including “Walking In The Sun”, and another previously unreleased track “The Distance” written and sung by Dougie, and originally recorded during sessions for the album 12 Memories.

“Sing” – This brit-rock meets country pluck in a darling song that never leaves the recesses of your mind.
“Driftwood” – Over the years its grown to be a song to love.
“Writing To Reach You” and “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” – Two jewels from The Man Who that are worth the purchase of this record alone.
“Re-Offender” – This is what Travis does best; slow and tender. It’s the rare quality track from 12 Memories.
“Side” and “Turn” – An absolutely delightful song and that hardly does them justice.
“U16” and “All I Want To Do Is Rock” – The only shining lights from Good Feeling.
“The Beautiful Occupation” – Travis would make John Lennon proud with their anti-war song.

“The Distance” – Dougie Payne sounds a hell of a lot like John Lennon. It doesn’t however have much impact.
“Walking In The Sun” – Let’s pray that this isn’t what we can expect from the new Travis record that arrives in 2005. It’s total generic and lacks any emotion or joy that comes with the Travis we know and love.

“Tied To The ‘90s” – This is horrifying like most of their first record Good Feeling.
“Happy” – Absolutely awful.

FRANKLY: Every fan of brit-rock should own Travis’ The Man Who and The Invisible Band. To be honest you are better off splitting your losses and just buying those and forgo the Singles album which leaves off a good deal of other more deserving tracks. They made the mistake of calling this Singles. Why not call it The Best Songs To Date and just do that? Then maybe they could have introduced themselves to new fans while cutting loose some of the dead weight.

+ Rae Gun

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