Trickside – Trickside

Artist: Trickside
Title: Trickside
Label: Wind-Up
Rating: 6/10

Brothers Jeff and David Mendelsohn are Trickside. These two work at bringing us the most pop rock our ears can handle.

Trickside does mix in some cute pop melodies for tracks like “Beautiful Thing” and “Under You”. The problem is that it’s too Third Eye Blind. I’m sure these guys can sing as well, if not better, but their songs aren’t better. There are strong songs like “Heavy Rain” and “Avalon”, but they don’t make up for the other average tracks.

But for every hip pop track, there are the good intentions and misses, like “Superstar” and “Hollywood”. Trickside is full of happy hooks and good times, but the songs fall short of being memorable.

+ rae gun

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