The Thrills – So Much For The City

The Thrills
Artist: The Thrills
Title: So Much For The City
Label: Virgin
Rating: 5/10

Corporate Line: Make no mistake, The Thrills are special. Maybe you’ve already heard their single ‘Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far)’, a perfect slice of sunshine and love that evokes the spirit of the Sixties West Coast and the stomp of The Strokes. Or maybe you’ve just heard the buzz surrounding them ? their London show in January this year saw Oasis jostling to get a better view from the bar, Jo Whiley spilling her drink and a fair few disgruntled journalists being turned away after a no-holds barred ‘Sell Out’. Whatever, you’ll be a lot hearing more of them real soon.

The Good:
Nothing extraordinary.

The Average:
“Santa Cruz” – That accent is too much to ignore. Yes they want to be the Beach Boys and the Flaming Lips but they aren’t either. You can’t call the Thrills bad but many bands have come and gone trying to do what the Beach Boys have done and the Thrills aren’t the best to try.
“Big Sure” – A Travis like guitar plucks you along while the Thrills announce they like to monkey around. Don’t take it serious or you’ll never feel good again.
“Hollywood Kids” – Neil Young wouldn’t mind that they borrow from him – at least they hope.

The Ugly:
“Deckchairs & Cigarettes” – Asinine.

Frankly: The Thrills have something to offer, but not a lot. They borrow a good deal from the Flaming Lips and the obscure days of the Beach Boys. I love both groups but I don’t love the Thrills. They don’t have the reach of the Lips or the shimmering melodies of the Beach Boys. The Thrills sound like a novelty act from a state fair or a local band that might win the local battle of the bands – not the sort of band that could take over the world.

+ Rae Gun

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