Tenacious D – The Pick Of Destiny

Tenacious D
Artist: Tenacious D
Title: The Pick Of Destiny
Label: Sony
Rating: 6/10

CORPORATE LINE: The Pick of Destiny is the highly anticipated soundtrack to the upcoming New Line Cinema comedy, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. An epic musical adventure, the film follows Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) on their quest to obtain the Pick and become The Greatest Band on Earth.


“Kickapoo” – “A long-ass f**king time ago in a town called Kickapoo” kicks off a song that tries to be a massive epic and its too bad we are left with an epic bore—not even guests appearance by Meat Loaf and Ronnie James Dio can save The D.
“Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)” – This is the Tenacoius D version of “Devil Went Down To Georgia” without being nearly as good.
“Classico” – This classical send off with twisted lyrics by Jack Black is certainly funnier on-screen—we can only hope.

“The Government Totally Sucks” – Ben Franklin smoking weed sounds funnier than it is here.

FRANKLY: As a soundtrack it probably does all that it needs to—but as a record it’s not nearly enough. This certainly doesn’t live up to the comedic debauchery and fun of their debut. We can only hope the movie is much better.

+ Rae Gun

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