Taproot – Welcome

Artist: Taproot
Title: Welcome
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 6/10

Taproot is back with Welcome. They scored big with Gift, now will they fall into that sophomore slump?

Now Hear This:
“Poem” – Quintessential Taproot. Good verse, good chorus, its pure rock.
“Everything” – The bridge can lull you into tranquility, but it doesn’t last long.
“Like” – Who says rock can’t be tender without being weak?

Listen Once:
“Mine” – The track is good until singer Stephen Richards decides to do his best growl which ruins a decent song.
“Myself” – Vicious yet gorgeous.

Taproot isn’t unique, but in a time when rock is growing more and more weak and diluted its great to hear a band that still knows how to really rock.

+ rae gun

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