Super Transatlantic


Miami. A scene made infamous for its campy, superficial blend of everything that passes through its cafe-strewn streets. Some have called it over the top, a modern day Sodom. Super TransAtlantic calls it home.

They’ve been called some of the greatest rock writers of this generation by two out of four members of the band. Super TransAtlantic’s music has been described as everything from Heavy Metal to [email protected] Pop. The bottom line is this band weaves a 70 millimeter sonic sound-scape like no other.

STA is flighty, eccentric, and ballsy – yet when you experience the band, you soon realize most attempts to pigeon hole them fall short. The music is a blend of Alternative Rock and Heavy Metal with all the arrogance and power you’ve been waiting for. Intoxicatingly infectious tunes mixed with WWF brute force. Old school rules on a new school playing field. Can it be? A new heavy band without a DJ and a white rapper?

STA is like a cross between Jane’s Addiction and Blur. This loud and boisterous group makes an impact that etches an indelible impression on all in their wake.The effect of this band is like a car wreck between Tom Jones from Hell and ABBA with 2 extra sets of testicles.

STA is Pat Badger; bass, Ricky Sanders; drums, Pete Dembrowski; guitar, and Jason Bieler; vocalist and guitar.The band locked themselves up in a house for two weeks and recorded the whole CD using only an 8 channel Pro Tools rig. The record was mixed in a spare bedroom.

From the self deprecating alter-pop Super Down spewing forth teen angst (from the gold soundtrack American Pie), to the tribal pounding of Pretty Must Die. From the Kravitz-like groove soaked verses of She Moves to the brutality of Lied, this CD is packed with hooks and plenty of punch.

STA has recently opened for Bush, Lit, Stroke 9, and Oleander, to name a few, and expect to launch a full blown US tour during Spring, and Summer 2000.

“Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll”
-The Honorable Reverend Thomas McLarney

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