Will Smith – Born To Reign

Will Smith
Artist: Will Smith
Title: Born To Reign
Label: Columbia
Rating: 4/10

The Fresh Prince, Big Willie Style, Will Smith, or whatever you call him these days is back. He says he’s Born To Reign. We’ll see.

“Born To Reign” – the rhymes are weak, but the message is clear. Smith takes shots at todays hip-hoppers and how they pretend to have so much money or do have the flow and spend it on drugs and guns. Too bad the song is less than two minutes long.

“Willow Is A Player” “How Da Beat Goes” – Decent.

“Nod Ya Head” – Radio chorus, amateur lyrics.

“Act Like You Know” – Is this 2002 or 1992. Lame.

“I Can’t Stop” – Smith is no Mystikal as much as he’d like to think so.

“1,000 Kisses” – Smith brings his wife Jada along for this poor ride. Smith’s rhymes are terrible. “If love is a gamble then I’m the Bellagio’? huh?

“Block Party” – The worst.

“Maybe” – He can’t sing, but he can steal lyrics from others.

Yo, yo, yo, yo. I love how Smith starts each song saying ‘yo’ about fifty times for each track, or the ‘uh, uh’ a few dozen times. Actually it’s annoying as anything I’ve heard in a while. What is even more odd is a veteran like Smith resorts to such elementary and clich intros. Seriously, Smith’s songs have a better instrumental quality than days past, but he’s lost his skills to rap and rhyme. Stick with acting.

+ rae gun

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