Something Corporate – North

Something Corporate
Artist: Something Corporate
Title: North
Label: Geffen
Rating: 5/10

Corporate Line: On North, the band’s follow-up to their 2002 Drive-Thru/MCA Records debut, Leaving Through the Window – a 250,000 seller based largely on relentless touring and word of mouth – Something Corporate bucks that idea in favor of a more cerebral concept: Simply being away.

The Good:
“As You Sleep” – Magically delicious.

The Average:
“Space” – Sounds too much like Our Lady Peace.
“Only Ashes” – It’s not that Something Corporate is a complete wash, but they can’t get away from their Our Lady Peace worship.

The Ugly:
“I Won’t Make You” – Bad, bad lyrics.
“21 and Invisible” – “I wish I was famous” – keep dreaming because this record won’t get you there.

Frankly: Something Corporate is something similar not something new. Our Lady Peace is ten times better. Something Corporate was something corporate with their previous punk existence and now they try to change yet get stuck in park.

+ Rae Gun

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