Simple Plan – No Pads no Helmets… Just Balls

Simple Plan
Artist: Simple Plan
Title: No Pads no Helmets… Just Balls
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 6/10

Simple Plan brings pop punk that is somewhere south of Sum 41 and somewhere north of Blink-182.

Call the papers:
“I’d Do Anything” – is complete pop punk complete with a catchy hook and silly-ass sentiment.
“The Worst Day Ever” – dopey, but can’t be denied.
“You Don’t Mean Anything” – still not much in the form of guts or soul but these guys are candy-hook machines.
“Meet You There” – a little ballad that isn’t hard on the palate.

Call Blink-182:
“I’m Just A Kid” – a plead to stupidity, right up Blink’s alley.
“When I’m With You” – This is starting to get pretty monotonous.

Call the police:
“Addicted” – drivel.
“God Must Hate Me” – Green Day only bad.

No Pads No Helmets… Just Balls starts off great and gets you very hyped up. It’s fleeting. The second half of the album goes nowhere if anything it releases all the momentum that it once built. Poof.

+ rae gun

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