Jessica Simpson – In This Skin

Jessica Simpson
Artist: Jessica Simpson
Title: In This Skin
Label: Columbia
Rating: 5/10

Company Line: Listen to Jessica Simpson’s In This Skin, and you will hear many things: Love. Romance. Sexuality. Sweetness. Maturity. Peace of Mind. Yet chief among the things you will hear is the sound of a woman becoming her own person and staying true to her heart.

The Good:
“9” – Mid-tempo track that gets Jessica on track. You can find yourself singing along and getting into the song without a track that tries too hard to turn you on.

“1” – Lovely. You can tell she is thinking about her hubby I’m just not sure if that is enough to sell a song.
“2” – The hook gets you after a few listens.
“3” – Nightclub beats dance around a hook that gets intolerable. It’s high-school when it should be college graduation. Talking about adult subjects and innuendo doesn’t make it mature.

The Ugly:
“7” – A painfully drab ballad.

Frankly: Jessica Simpson took a big step toward stardom with her last record and she deserved it. In This Skin doesn’t find her taking another step forward. After getting married and becoming less a girl and more a woman you’d expect a more mature and interesting record instead we get an album that tries to be lyrically mature without being exciting. Mariah Carey set the benchmark with Charmbracelet and In This Skin doesn’t come close to that level of maturity or emotion. It’s really not a horrible record. It sounds slick and almost-sexy but suffers when you realize that it will quickly get tossed aside for a more reliable record, perhaps even Simpson’s last release.

+ Rae Gun

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