Sevendust – Interview [2004]


It’s not like Sevendust have ever shied away from the personal, the heartfelt, or the painfully honest on any of their previous three albums. But this time, these Atlanta-based practitioners of their own special brand of uniquely melodic heavy rock have looked even closer within themselves than ever before, uncovering some harsh truths in the process.

We interview Clint Lowery.

I noticed that your last several tours that you always play Cleveland. Is there a reason for that?

Not every tour, but we always hit like Cincinnati, Columbus, and we usually will try and get back to Dayton. We mostly just play the shows where we have radio support.

How do you feel about where your career is right now? You have 4 studio albums, a mini-box set, and a DVD.

We are definitely doing well. We are very happy to be doing what we are doing and want to continue to do this. You can’t take anything for granted; you just have to be thankful for what you have.

I noticed that your live show is quite athletic, what are your favorite sports?

Hockey and Football for sure. My favorite NFL team is the Jets. That is probably because I grew up as a real young kid in New Jersey until I was like 9. I did most of my growing up in Atlanta. But the Jets are better than the Falcons. But I am a Braves fan.

Who came up with the virtual reality ideas for your website?

A guy named Mitchell Davis who is Morgan’s dad’s friend. He is a professional photographer and he thought that the virtual reality shots from on the stage would be cool. It is something that you do not see on anyone else’s website.

With your new CD, and your DVD, you are putting out a lot of media so the public can get to know you personally and the band personally.

We are just trying to do anything we can to get in front of our fans and anyone else. With today’s technology and people surfing the Internet with their cell phones, I think that you have to be on top of it. You kind of have to do everything you can to get your fans to take part in your website and the band in general. It is tough to sell records. Bands just aren’t selling CD’s anymore like they used to whether it be from downloading legally or illegally. I think that you are going to see a lot more bands trying to do anything they can to get their fans more involved such as DVD’s.

What do you think of the new thing for live shows called Instant Live where after a band plays a show in a city, you can go and download the concert online?

I think it is a great idea. We have definitely talked about it. We really want to take advantage of technology and use it to help us in any way. It would be really cool for our fans to have.

What is your prediction for the upcoming election?

I have a feeling that Osama Bin Laden will miraculously show up in the next several months’ right before the election. But I also have a feeling that Kerry and Edwards might pull it out. They will need something to pull it out because it is so close, but I think that they will. I am following it closely.

+ Peter Wagner

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