Shea Seger – The May Street Project

Shea Seger
Artist: Shea Seger
Title: The May Street Project
Label: RCA
Rating: 7/10

Shea Seger’s influences are apparent as you get a taste of The May Street Project. She draws from Rickie Lee Jones to beat driven artists like Arrested Development. For the last two years, Seger has been calling London home, but she still hasn’t completely left her Texas roots behind.

Her style is uniquely her own as you get a warm introduction with “Last Time”. “I Love You Too Much” is a nice kiss goodbye. “Walk On Rainbows” tricks you into thinking it just might have evolved from the country, but it combines elements all over the board.

Ron Sexsmith comes in for the save on “Always”. It’s a beautiful ballad that begs to never be put to an end. “Twisted (Never Again)” picks up where Alanis left off.

The May Street Project has a lot to offer, my favorite being the beautifully soulful “Wasting The Rain”. Shea Seger brings her soul and her past to the table while mixing the future and the present into an already powerful piece.

+ rae gun

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