Scritti Politti – Anomie & Bonhomie

Scritti Politti
Artist: Scritti Politti
Title: Anomie & Bonhomie
Label: Virgin
Rating: 3/10

Scritti Politti’s sound has surely changed. From punk to pop to rap to R&B, this mix sounds more clich than refreshing. Anomie & Bonhomie features artists like Mos’ Def, Me’shell Ndegeochello, and a piecemeal backing band. Luckily, Green Gartside, the only remaining member of the original Scritti Politti, had the insight to invite Mos’ Def to join in the recording. They are all that holds this thing together.

The first single features Mos’ Def on the only enjoyable track. Green Gartside is the real downfall of the album. I just can’t enjoy his voice. It sounds like he’s trying too hard to sing something not meant for him. His voice is too high and gentle. “Mystic Handyman” lacks soul, even though the harmonies are nice.

The album was recorded in ’97-’98, but sounds more dated. It’s not insufferable but is far from their ’88 hit, “Oh Patti”.

+ rae gun

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