Seafood – When Do We Start Fighting

Artist: Seafood
Title: When Do We Start Fighting
Label: Nettwerk
Rating: 6.5/10

Seafood is from the UK. The make rock music that sits somewhere between rock and atmosphere.

Notable songs:
“Splinter” – Somewhere between Brit-rock and good old fashioned noise.
“Western Battle” – So far it seems enjoyable.
“Pleasurehead” – A curve that is worth the strikeout.
“Desert Stretched Before The Sun” – A cute little ditty.

Riding the Fence:
“People Are Underestimated”

Press Skip:
“Cloaking” – I don’t know what this is and I don’t want anymore of it.
“He Collects Dust” – Personally I hate songs where people talk, even if it’s for a minute.

Seafood has something to give and it’s certainly worth a listen.

+ rae gun

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