Robi Draco Rosa – Mad Love

Robi Draco Rosa
Artist: Robi Draco Rosa
Title: Mad Love
Label: Columbia
Rating: 7/10

Corporate Line: Produced and written by Rosa, Mad Love is overflowing with spontaneity, passion, and emotion, from the spacey, ethereal crescendos of “My Eyes Adore You,” to the bluesy, rippling guitar work in “Lie Without a Lover,” and the sexy smooth groove of “Dancing in the Rain.” The spirit of flamenco and Iggy Pop & the Stooges lurk in the background, and seemingly everywhere are those freaky muted trumpets, a testament to Miles Davis cool.

The Good:
“Life Without A lover” – Rosa has Sting in his heart and voice. If you close your eyes you’d swear Sting had a new hit single.
“Crash Push” – There is a lot going on and if you don’t listen you’ll miss it. You can feel the inspirations from his homeland Puerto Rico.
“Como Me Acuerdo” – Rosa doesn’t try to run you over with a chorus so he can sell a million albums, instead he’s content on making up for any lack of depth with melodies that don’t fade which only get stronger with each listen.
“Try Me” – A gorgeous love song – It’s not the usual everyday ordinary boring ballad.

The Average:
“My Eyes Adore You” – Rosa doesn’t miss the boat here-–filler.

The Ugly:
“This Time” – Rosa tries to be a rock singer–it’s not his cup of tea.

Frankly: Robi Draco Rosa has a voice that aches with power and emotion. The songs are deeper than any pop music out today, with the exception of Sting. Rosa is raised into a category other pop stars wish they could achieve and that’s what happens when you combine songs with depth and soul.

+ Rae Gun

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