Ruff Endz – Love Crimes

Ruff Endz
Artist: Ruff Endz
Title: Love Crimes
Label: Epic
Rating: 7/10

Ruff Endz are made up of David “Davinch” Chance and Dante “Chi” Jordan. Their style consists of soulful R&B and beautiful arrangements. The first single is the dynamic “No More”.

The stretch not only their voices, but also their skills. If you ever dug Dru Hill then you’ll be all over the track “Phone Sex”. It sizzles and pops.

Stevie Wonder might take a second listen to “Love Crimes” as Ruff Endz do their best to bring back his sound of the early days. “I’m Not Just Sayin’ That I’m Feeling That” is a gorgeous ballad. Dedicate it to the one you love. The next track, “I Apologize” doesn’t fall of as itseduces you with joy and pain.

You may be surprised to find that the best track has been saved for last. “The World To Me” is a perfect climax to a beautiful album. Although the group name makes no sense, Ruff Endz won’t be overlooked.

+ cc morris

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