Run-DMC – Crown Royal

Artist: Run-DMC
Title: Crown Royal
Label: Arista
Rating: 7/10

Run DMC’s first record away from Run’s brother’s label, Def Jam, finds them in a new era trying to get a fresh start in a time when they haven’t really been heard from in over ten years. And though that is the case, they are still taken seriously in an industry that they almost single-handedly started for artists like Limp Bizkit and others when they dueted with Aerosmith well over a decade ago.

Their legend doesn’t go without notice. This album brings some of the world’s biggest music masters, all from the school of Run DMC! You only have to look at someone like Kid Rock to see what I’m saying. The hate, the shoes, the beats and rhymes. Kid Rock is one part Lynard Skynard and another part Run DMC. He shows up for “The School Of Old”. Then there’s the other man who owes it all to Run DMC, Limp Bizkit’s frontman Fred Durst, who offers his take on “Them Girls”.

“Rock Show” finds Run getting off just like he did way back when on “King Of Rock”. It brings back a lot of memories, especially about where hip-hop was in those days and where it has gone since. I think we need more Run DMC than we may even know. “Ayi Papi” boasts a tight hook with Fat Joe dropping his taste of history.

“Crown Royal” is the only track that brings the kings together as one. The beats sound new as Jam Master Jay still knows how to spin beats that are the corner-piece the lyrical puzzle. Though this is no King Of Rock or Raising Hell, it is still a fun album. We’ve seen Run DMC attempt the comeback a few times before but they tried to change who they were and that just never worked. Now they are happy with bringing it all out of the box just the way they did fifteen years ago.

+ cc morris

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