Rehab – Southern Discomfort

Artist: Rehab
Title: Southern Discomfort
Label: Sony
Rating: 6/10

Rehab is so named because that’s where the two members met. The group follows the path of the Beastie Boys, with hip-hop and rock on their minds. “Storm Chaser”, featuring the Goodie Mob’s Big Gipp, wonders why people run away from their problems. “Scarecrow” mixes Eminem and Insane Clown Posse. “It Don’t Matter” sounds like a cheesy ’80’s ballad. “Sittin’ At A Bar” is the funniest ballad I’ve ever heard. They should have sold this song to Kid Rock. They end with a typical hip-hop rock mix in “Kick My Ass”. It took them ten songs to find a good sound. Hopefully they’ll learn from this and get with the program, one without twelve steps.

+ rae gun

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