Puddle of Mudd – Life On Display

Puddle of Mudd
Artist: Puddle of Mudd
Title: Life On Display
Label: Interscope
Rating: 2.5/10

Corporate Line: Puddle Of Mudd’s sophomore collection, Life On Display is the long awaited follow-up (produced by Come Clean’s John Kurzweg, Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette and the band) retains the quartet’s no-nonsense anti-formula, and brings a more defined and occasionally dark edge to the songs.

The Good:

The Average:
Double ha!

The Ugly:
“Away From Me” – Wesley Scantlin whines about how bad life is.
“She Hates Me” – Are you kidding? This sounds like a coverband doing Puddle of Mudd. Boo.
“Time Flies” – Can you be a little more creative and not rip off your own song, i.e. “Drift And Die.”

Frankly: Puddle of Mudd singer Scantlin’s only consistency is his whining. Life sucks, girls don’t like me, I’m tired, I wish I was Kurt Cobain, I can’t write a good song… its annoying right from the beginning and never gets any better. Sorry boys, but life can suck – we live it already and know it can suck so please save me the time of listening to your whiny ass telling me something I already know.

Don’t buy this and maybe Puddle of Mudd will just go away.

+ Rae Gun

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