P.Y.T. – Down For Me

Artist: P.Y.T.
Title: Down For Me
Label: Epic
Rating: 6/10

PYT are four mature-sounding thirteen-year-old girls. In the fall of 1998, Lauren, Tracy, Lydia, and Ashley decided to put together a musical group and PYT was born. Their sound is a mix of today’s chart-topping pop like Britney Spears, but also contains R&B elements that resemble TLC.

“Call Me Anytime” is one track that springs great harmonies, but also shows their age as their voices hit highs only a teen could produce. “Ain’t No Ifs Ands Or Buts About It” kicks hip-hop beats and sounds much more mature than the previous pop tracks. A cover of Hi-Five’s “Kissing Game” sounds sweet and innocent enough.

“Simple Things” is a bit annoying as the verses are spoken. Also, the sexual undercurrents just seem wrong to me. All this singing about how important love is from thirteen-year-olds is not believable and pretty irritating. “D.F.W (Down For Whatever)” is the same. Let’s not forget the age groups here. What is wrong with their label? Or their parents, for that matter.

I went from enjoying this innocent yet strong sappy-sweet album to being a bit disturbed by the innuendo. I’m not easily disturbed, but the fact that these girls are thirteen singing about stuff I’d expect to hear from Madonna just seems wrong. The album is fun, but far from the days of the Jackson Five or the Osmonds.

+ cc morris

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