Primer 55 – New Release

Primer 55
Artist: Primer 55
Title: New Release
Label: Island
Rating: 5/10

Primer 55 found something to write about on the road as they put together The New Release. The anger is high but you may not find Primer as bitter as in the past.

“This Life” was inspired by a friend who was abused by her husband and in the end took his life. Once you know the story behind it, the song becomes much more sobering. “Growing” is a terrifying ride through their melodic roads. “Hesitation” is the best song of the album, mostly because it sounds original.

“Pills” seems like the start of something more tender. It does explode into the usual furor, however “Lessons” comes next with a complete up and down, almost Nirvana- like in its explosion. If you think that was insane, try the sick “Ricochet”. What’s up with that mad guitar?

“Texas” is a good song but enforces my feelings that these guys have a distinct likeability to Limp Bizkit. “Texas” proves that feeling to be correct. Primer 55 writes decent songs that sound like covers. The New Release doesn’t feel so fresh.

+ rae gun

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