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We get to Play with each member one on one!


What is it like bouncing from one city to another to promote Replay?

It’s a lot of fun. I’m not complaining because I get to see the U.S. It’s wonderful to see the different parts of America.

How long ago did you record the album?

In October, so it’s been about eight months. It’s a really good album and we’re proud of it. We mixed in a little pop, rock and R&B. We are so happy with it.

How have the fans been receiving you at the radio shows?

I think everyone is enjoying it because it is a new sound. It’s a whole new mix.

What were you doing before Play?

Anna and I were in musicals and dancing our whole lives. Rosie and Faye have been going to music school. We all have experience and got picked up in auditions.

Did it take time to click as a group?

No. It was perfect. We all have different styles and it comes out good. We have different opinions but we get along well.

The first album was more pop music but not so much this time. So you seem to have a whole market to yourself.

I know. Two years ago pop was the big thing and now we’ve mixed the rock in. We’ve grown and feel our music has grown.

What is a quality you look for in a song?

We want them to be different. A song can’t be too grown up or too young. We had to find something that was perfect. We had to listen to something and feel it. The lyrics are really important and we often change the lyrics to match us. We don’t want to sing about stuff we can’t relate to or feel uncomfortable with.


How has the radio tour?

It has been great.

Have you got to meet anyone cool?

I met Brad Pitt. That was so cool. He was so cool.

It seems like “I Must Not Chase The Boys” is really taking off. Did you know it would the first time you heard it?

It’s a song about teenagers like us who want to grow up. I think that song inspired us. When we first heard it we knew it was a good song and it really fit us.

Does your family come with you?

We have two parents with us at a time. Our friends come when we are on tour during the summer. You do miss your family, but they come and go all of the time so it’s cool.

How do your friends act now?

They are so sweet. We talk on the cell phone everyday and are really supportive.

What was it like going in the studio this time? Did you know you wanted to make a change?

I think we’ve grown up a lot. I think we have taken a step up. I think we’ve made a change and have tried to bring in more rock.


Did you know that “I Must Not Chase The Boys” was going to be big?

We felt when we first heard it that it would be a great song.

Is it hard to pick songs?

We recorded fifteen songs and chose the ones we thought represented us the best.

There aren’t many girl groups anymore, are you ready to fill in that space?

It’s a big plus for us. Right now it’s just us doing this kind of music. We don’t want to sound like everyone else. The first album was so much pop. It’s cool to do something different and not sound like everyone else all.

Is it important to be very good friends?

It’s important that you talk to each other as a group. Because if you don’t talk to each other and you have a problem it wouldn’t work. It’s very important to communicate and that everyone’s feelings are understood.

Is it easier because to have three other girls going through the same things you are? Rather than being solo?

Um. (Pauses to think and then we both laugh) It depends. Sometimes you want to do different things and you have to compromise. If you are solo you are all alone and if you are tired one day you have no one to lean on. That would be really hard. I couldn’t be a solo artist. It would be too hard.


How has everything been?

We’ve been having so much fun. It’s been really cold though. We were on Long Island and it was so cold. We did a winter jam there and it was warmer than the summer jam. We are so happy to be in Dallas right now where there is sun.

Is the hard being away from home?

It’s really hard to be away from family and friends. We talk to them everyday but we love to perform so you have that trade off. When we are home we are like regular girls and go to school and we hang out with our friends and fight with our parents. We are having a blast performing so it’s fun.

Do your friends treat you the same?

Of course. Last summer we were away for three months and we missed stuff. Our friends developed at home and we developed over here. We don’t get to talk about the same stuff and we don’t go through the same things but it still works.

What is different for you?

This life we are living is so grown up. We pick up different things than our friends do at home. Our friends might learn how to cook and work at a café but we pick up languages and travel a lot. Every teenager wants to travel for a year maybe studying in another country and we get to do that.

What is your daily routine?

Some days we rehearse and some days we just sun bathe. We also study and have a lot of school work. When we have our day off we get to go to the mall and go shopping. It’s different everyday.

Was it important to change your music this time around?

We grew up and wanted to change. We are still doing pop but we are developing. You have to develop otherwise it would be really boring. We are 15 and 16 and it felt good to have this kind of album. We hope our fans like it.

Do fans ask you questions and what do they ask?

They think it’s really special that we are from Sweden. With the last album we had a lot of young fans, and we still have young fans, but now we are getting more teenagers and guys too. That is fun that the boys like it.

It must be hard because you travel so much that you can’t have a boyfriend.

It is really hard. Maybe we can find really nice boys on our tour. (We both laugh)

You might end up with more boy fans than girl fans. (We both laugh)

We like that, thank you. It is really fun. We like to have girl fans too because they think the way we do. But we like that we have boy fans because they get to hear what we are saying about them.

You are at a great place in your life, what are you dreams now?

This is my dream. It feels like I’ve never woke from my dream. I think I’m living for the moment and it’s great to be here.

+ charlie craine

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