Phantom Planet – The Guest

Phantom Planet
Artist: Phantom Planet
Title: The Guest
Label: Epic
Rating: 7/10

Phantom Planet is back and has risen from the ashes with a new record and a sound. The sound is as fresh as anything you’ll hear today.

The first single “California” is a toe tapper for sure. It’s certainly inspired by Weezer and the foot on Pavement shows clear. Another joy is the happy-go-lucky clap along called “Always On My Mind”.

Even trivial songs like “Lonely Day” work out all right. “Anthem” is a reach but its intentions are in all the right places. Then there is “Turn Smile Shift Repeat” which did literally everything the chorus says to me as I listened. The song is poignant and beautiful, completely Weezer in its raw wit and melody.

My only problem with Phantom Planet is that they can’t maintain the pace. After track eight it starts to head a little downhill. The Guest makes you feel welcome, like a long lost friend. A surprise for sure and an album you should make friends with yourself.

+ rae gun

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