Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder

Papa Roach
Artist: Papa Roach
Title: Getting Away With Murder
Label: Dreamworks
Rating: 8/10

CORPORATE LINE: Getting Away With Murder is still loud and abrasive, however the real power and passion in the music lies in what the band has previously downplayed — melody and vulnerability. Shaddix sings with more precision and tunefulness than ever, and while the band exhibits some of its heaviest and most groove-oriented rhythms to date, the choruses are jam packed with poignant vocal harmonies that bond to your skull like Crazy Glue.

“Getting Away With Murder” – This is a great song. Jacoby Shaddix sings, yes sings, and you’ll be surprised how good he is at it. It’s dark, which is not a surprise. What is a surprise is how after all these years Papa Roach finally hit the nail on the head. This is easily their best song to date.
“Done With You” – Shaddix shows he has more in him than being pissed off—sort of.

“Blood” – Good hook but could do without the screaming—unnecessary.
“Not Listening” and “Take Me” – Generic rock and roll. Papa Roach are better than this so why drop these as the second and fourth track?

“Stop Looking Start Seeing” – Filler.
“Be Free” – It’s sad that such a terrible excuse for an attempt at AC/DC comes after the groups best song.

FRANKLY: Papa Roach have permanently shed the hip-hop/rock skin and have gone rock ‘n’ roll. However, even as they are moving into this new era there are still some bumps in the road—if they can iron those out look out!

+ Rae Gun

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