Paloalto – Paloalto

Artist: Paloalto
Title: Paloalto
Label: American
Rating: 8/10

Paloalto is a rock band. Finally, someone that isn’t twenty different genres rolled into one. From “Depression Age” on into “Sonny”, it’s easy to get comfortable. “Monolith” is the ointment that heals all indiscretions. I have the feeling that Paloalto has listened to Radiohead a few thousand times. “Throw A Brick” sounds like a B-side from The Bends while “Home” screams of Ok Computer. They don’t seem to entirely get this out of their systems. By the time the end rolls around, it becomes a real guilty pleasure. Paloalto gets better the further in you dive, so jump in your car and take a trip to Paloalto.

+ rae gun

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