Stevie Nicks – Trouble In Shangri-La

Stevie Nicks
Artist: Stevie Nicks
Title: Trouble In Shangri-La
Label: Reprise
Rating: 9/10

Stevie Nicks isn’t back from the dead. Well, perhaps she is, as I’m sure many have forgotten her since the last round of Fleetwood Mac’s comeback died out of the world’s eye and ear. The iconic Stevie Nicks is back, and boy, is she back.

The opener, “Trouble In Shangri-La”, boasts one hell of a huge hook. Is this the rebirth of an aging star? Nicks’ voice sounds as powerful as ever. It sounds as if a day has not passed since her heyday. “Sorcerer” brings the same imagery that made Nicks the figure she once was. But it is “Planets Of The Universe” that blew me away. It’s beautiful, but not as solid and catchy as the infectious “That Made Me Stronger”.

“Candlebright” is a sweeping bittersweet tale that hails the dreamer in us all while “I Miss You” wanders in romantic wonderment. “Every Day” Stevie pushes out some of the grittiest and most inspiring music you’ll hear today or tomorrow.

The absolute proof that Trouble In Shangri-La is an incredible album is that all the way through until its last tracks you get songs of the highest tact and emotion. “Fall From Grace” just sounds epic. It has the building and climax of any good Fleetwood Mac track. Then comes the precious “Love Is”. Stevie Nicks has given me a present I will never forget.

+ charlie craine

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