Nas – Nastradamus

Artist: Nas
Title: Nastradamus
Label: Columbia
Rating: 7/10

One thing you can count on Nas for is a heavy musical backdrop covered by weighty lyrics. “Life We Chose” features the horn of Maceo Parker, which speaks even when Nas doesn’t.

“Project Windows” is the most powerful emotion Nas may have ever evoked. Ron Isley adds to stir it up as he brings the hook down upon us. “Come Get Me” is the album’s least productive track, but the most controversial. The chorus boasts: “shoot em up/ kill kill kill/ murder murder murder.” Luckily, Nas makes up for this sin with the fantastic “God Love Us”. “New World” borrows from Toto’s “Africa”, but the melody never breaks through.

Nas is a lyrical preacher. He can bring the love and the hate. He never relents or lets political correctness steer his ship.

+ charlie craine

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