Musiq Soulchild – Soulstar

Musiq Soulchild
Artist: Musiq Soulchild
Title: Soulstar
Label: Def Soul
Rating: 5/10

The Line: Musiq is back.

The Good:
Musiq how could you fail us so badly?

The Average:
“Missyou” – It’s bad when the best song on the record is a cover song.
“Soulstar” – Light soul that doesn’t evolve the ever evolving Musiq.
“Youloveme” – Without Musiq’s crisp voice this one falls even further down.
“Doorstop” – Ready to dance? It’s the one rare track that makes you want to get your behind up and shake it.

The Ugly:
“Womanopoly” – Tired.
“Babymother” – Musiq is entering a realm that isn’t him.

Frankly: Musiq sounds like he is going through the motions. Soulstar is a step back from the evolution of Juslisen.

+ CC Morris

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