MXPX – Before Everything and After

Artist: MXPX
Title: Before Everything and After
Label: A&M
Rating: 5/10

Company Line: “We’re portrayed as good guys and we are good guys,” admits Mike Herrera. “We don’t swear at the audience or tell girls to get naked on stage. At the same time, we’re not perfect and we do get pissed off. But we’re just real with people.”

The Good: Some tracks come close, just not close enough.

The Average:
“Quit Your Life” – MXPX can’t pull off sappy.
“Play It Loud” and “First Day of the Rest of your Life” – Punk? It’s fast, it rhymes, but it’s not really any different than what they’ve done in how many years?
“Well Adjusted” – You’ll notice you’ve heard this intro before on a commercial or something but the song gets lost in a weak chorus and unoriginality.
“It’s Alright” – It’s not really alright – especially when you have to hear the same thing said over and over and over and over and over again.

The Ugly:
“Kings of Hollywood”, “The Capitol” and “On The Outs” – Come on. Whose idea was it to put these duds on here.
“You Make Me, Me” – Sick.

Frankly: MXPX have found the recycle button and it seems it’s stuck on.

+ Rae Gun

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